Sea & Ski Golden Pearl Tanning Lotion SPF 4

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SEA & SKI is an iconic American brand dedicated to utilizing the latest and eco-friendly technologies to produce some of the highest quality and safest sun care products on the market. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that are generated from a variety of natural and man-made sources. These UV rays can have damaging effects on skin cell DNA leading to the appearance of early aging, painful burns, and cancer. Our SEA & SKI Beyond UV Sunscreen is formulated with our Beyond UV Broad Spectrum formula to protect your skin from common and uncommon UV exposure. SEA & SKI Brand sunscreen provides water resistant coverage for up to 80 minutes, Use and reapply as directed, at least every 2 hours for optimal protection. Be sure to reapply immediately if drying skin by towel. Sea & Ski is proudly OXYBENZONE FREE in all of our sun care products.